It was about time I left.

The idea of leaving it all behind to travel the world was like an itch I couldn’t scratch. It would be easy to say goodbye to the overpriced London pint, grey skies and angry commuters, although it would still be difficult to depart from a tasty craft beer, a warming cup of tea, and my angry commuter friends. Still, the quarter life crisis had struck so it was time to go.

There are plenty of blogs and guide books out there, generally the most helpful sources of travel knowledge are those who have done it before. I spoke to several friends that I had met on travels and back at home to uncover a good route. It proved quite difficult to find too many “Roads less travelled” on the backpacker trail, and there’s no perfect equation to define your trip – in fact, the whole process reminded me of a cartoon about drawing an Owl…


So although I knew my plans would change frequently throughout the trip, I thought it would be wise to mark out a few “checkpoints” along the way to drive my travels in a certain direction. Whilst skiing in Italy with friends in January 2016, I finalised my initial list of countries and landmarks dotted throughout Asia, Australasia, and South America that would provide the backbone to my journey.

Sauze d’Oulx, Italy. January 2016 – “Planning…”

My sister, Eleanor, had spent much of the recent years living and exploring India. In fact, she had recently got married to an Indian gentleman called Bibhu. Not only was I eager to explore the beautiful nation, but also to meet my new brother-in-law. So, it was an obvious first destination on my ventures East.

In 2015, I travelled to Vietnam, and became instantly hooked on the surroundings, cultures and lifestyle. Although I had only dipped my toe into South-East Asia, I knew I would have to come back to get the full experience. I would be able to fly from India to Thailand, and from there I would be able to move from country to country around South-East Asia and get to know the continent.

Following SE Asia, I will follow my path South towards Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately I won’t be able to spend too much time there as they will be the most expensive countries I’ll visit, but that hopefully won’t stop me from enjoying the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback and much of New Zealand’s rugged scenery.

Then, crossing South America would be my final section of journey. I had always been in awe of the continent; the rich and varied landscapes, colourful wildlife and crazy cities. I wouldn’t be planning this section of the trip in advance too much, as I hope to gather as much information about the continent on the way before making my first steps (…and learn a bit of Spanish).

I’m not sure how long my journey will take. I initially outlined 10 months, although I know there are always unforeseen circumstances that may change everything… I’m sure I’ll discover a lot along the way…


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  1. Pa sent us your link and really looking forward to sharing your adventure albeit from time to time from an armchair !!! Love grandpa & granny b X


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