Travel Websites and Resources

Ah the Internet. It’s the reason why you’re on this site right now rather than doing those things you said you’d do… yesterday. There’s plenty of great websites out there to help with travel, from blogs to booking sites. I’ve listed out all of helpful sites I’ve used so far, hopefully you’ll find them helpful too. Some of them are UK specific (VISAs, Vaccinations covered by our health services etc.), but most of them are pretty general:


Flight Finders

Google Flights (When first looking for flights, I would recommend using Google’s search tool, as you can search for flight options easily using Google Maps, and then see how the price fluctuates over the 30 days around your ideal date to find the best deal)

Adioso (Easy way to Search for Flights)

Skyscanner (the one everyone knows…)

Hopper (Hopper is a user friendly search engine that helps you find the best deals by analysing when is the best time to buy)

Matrix Airfare Search by ITA (The daddy of complex airfare search – this site enables you to complete complex searches, including searching flights to many airports at once to find the cheapest flight)

Skiplagged (Great alternative to finding cheaper long haul flights by searching for interesting connection options. Expect longer travel times, but sometimes a great deal. Not suitable for short flights)

Travelling by Train

seat61 (information on train services worldwide if you’re not a fan of flying or dodgy buses!)

General Search

Rome2Rio (Search engine for international/cross country travel routes. Sometimes outdated, but contains helpful bus schedules and shows possible routes that can be travelled. Good for referencing)



HostelBookers (Hostel Directory)

HostelWorld (Hostel Directory)

Free Accomodation Options

Couch Surfing (The most common way to stay somewhere for free. There’s a massive directory of generous people who are willing to give up their sofa for a night so you can sleep for free. There’s a traveller and host rating system, so be on your best behaviour!)

Hospitality Club (Travel forum for meeting travellers and finding places to stay for free!)

Apartment/Home Rental

Airbnb (Everyone’s favourite place to rent somewhere private for a few nights, for much less than a hotel – you can search for the whole apartment or just a room)

Roomarama (Apartment / room rental website)


Trivago (Hotel search engine if you want something fancy for a night!)

Agoda (You generally pay in full online, but sometimes you can find some great last minute deals) (Free online reservations with the biggest search options).

Work Exchange

Workaway (Work exchange website for opportunities across the world to earn your accomodation and food in exchange for work. Workaway has started to specialise in non-private enterprise volunteering programs – so less cafes, restaurants etc.)

Helpx (Work exchange website listing plenty of opportunities in Europe, Australia, New Zealand)


In general, I would recommend going to the government websites to find out about country’s visas, but here are some limks which hold some useful information. Also, visa requirements can update regularly – another reason to go directly to the embassy website.

VISA HQ (Big Database of VISA requirements worldwide. Note: you can buy visas through this website, but it is almost always cheaper to go through the embassy – in person or online)

Fly onward (Fly onward allows you to “rent” an onward ticket so you can avoid any pesky “required outbound flight” requirements when travelling to a new country)


NHS Fit for travel (UK based website listing recommended/ required vaccinations for travel worldwide)

 Good Travel Forums & Information Sites

Wikitravel (Before I head to a mew city, I always check out the wikitravel entry to understand bus terminal locations and the general layout of the city. Sometimes contains bus schedule and cost information, which can be outdated).

Lonely Planet Thorntree (Lonely planet’s travel forum with plenty of travellers sharing their experiences)

Travel Independent (Plenty of Tips on what to bring, what to do etc.)

TripAdvisor (One of the most well known travel review / blog sites. Can be helpful when you have too much choice in a big city, but you will probably end up going to the same place as everyone else!)

Facebook (Although obvious, facebook is frequently overlooked. There’s plenty of groups for advice, guidance, travel buddies an ridesharing in pretty much every country) (Can be an absolute lifesaver for long distance travel – this site contains information about best sleeping spots, wifi information, showers etc. Definitely check it out if you’re considering saving a bit of cash and crashing in an airport for a while)

(Physical) Maps

ITMB (International Travel Maps and Books is a Canadian organisation specialising is producing detailed travels maps of pretty much every country out there


Transferwise (Both App and website – clear winner for easily transferring money abroad. Bank fees can be very expensive, and their processes are laborious – whereas Transferwise is easy and cheap!)

Camping and Survival

Wilderness Survival (Plenty of Survival Hints and Tips when out in the wild. Worth reading if you are heading off the beaten track)

Wikiloc (Walking and location community. Helpful for those heading off the beaten track, as many trail and interesting places have been shared).


Google Translate (enables download of languages so you can communicate easily in offline spots)

Maps.ME (offline maps that can be downloaded for any country. Links with so that most online Accomodation options are listed too)

Uber (works well in a surprisingly large number of countries- generally cheaper than local services in bigger cities)

Australia/NZ Wikicamps (lists out all paid for and free campsites across the country. Reviews are regularly given to find the most suitable spot)

Indonesia GoJek (like Uber, but with mopeds – super cheap for single person travel)