Travel Hints and Tips

Over my years of travel, you tend to learn most travel tricks the hard way. See below for my top backpacker hints and tips, along with helpful links and Apps for planning and advancing your own adventure.


Helpful Links

A good starting point to get all the information you need. From booking flights to checking vaccinations, everything you need to get things started is here!


General Backpacker Hints and Tips

It always helps to kick off your travels on the right foot. This page covers most of the basics from accommodation, to visas and ATMs.


South East Asia Backpacker Hints and Tips

South East Asia can be a bit of a mystery until you get there. Make the most out of your time there with this hints and tips page.


10 Backpacker Essentials (…that you might forget!)

OK, so not quite as essential as pants and a toothbrush, but these items are generally overlooked and they could be a lifesaver!